Rental Information 

The Main Lodge ( Eckert Hall)

One day rentals are $240.00 this includes the use of the kitchen. The Facility opens at 8:00 am, tables and chairs are available and included in the $240.00 rental fee. 


The rental cost for weddings is $370.00, you may set up the day before the wedding at 6:00 PM, the facility will be open on the day of the rental at 8:00 AM.


This building can fit 200 people, and includes 230 chairs and 30 tables.

Redding Hall

The cost to rent Redding Hall is $190.00 from 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM.  This facility includes a small kitchen.


The rental cost for weddings is $290.00


The facility can hold 100 people and has available 

for use 100 chairs and 14 tables. This is the newest building on the property.

McGrew Hall 

McGrew Hall cost $160.00 to rent. 


The rental cost for weddings is $210.00


The facility can hold 80 people and It includes 80 chairs and 12 tables. 


- Cabins are typically not rented out due to liability reasons, exceptions can be made for certain groups and with the rental of other buildings.

General Rental Information

- No Alcohol is permitted on the RRLC property.

- ATVs, Snowmobiles, and horses are not allowed.

- Fishing in the pond is allowed only by renters on the day they have rented the use of the grounds.

- No hunting is allowed at any time.

Rental Contact information

If you are interested please call Shirley Elliott @ 419-589-3206

Please do not send an E-mail if you are interested in a rental, you must call. 

 Rental Contract and Other Information

Please Print the following page and fill it out.

Name of the Renter(s): _______________________________________________________


Phone Number____________________________________________________________

Check Building to be rented

_________ Eckert Lodge -----------------------------$240.00 per day ($370.00 for weddings)

_________ McGrew Hall -----------------------------$160.00 per day ($210.00 for weddings)

_________ Redding Hall -----------------------------$190.00 per day ($290.00 for weddings)

A Rental Fee of $ ______________ is due on the day of rental.

Rental Date ____________________  Time of Rental ______________________

Purpose of Rental __________________________________________________

Set-up time required _____________________________ 

(Half price charge will be required for set up the facility the day before)

A security deposit in the amount of $50.00 is required with the signing of this agreement. ($100.00 is required for weddings). The security deposit will be refunded if it is determined that there are no violations of the RRLC rental rules. Allow 30 days for the refund.

Building Rules:

1. Hours 8am-11pm

2. No Smoking

3. No Alcoholic Beverages

4. Do not sit on tables.

5. Do not use the grill in the kitchen

6. You are responsible for set-up. All tables and chairs, etc. must be put away. The area must be left neat, floors swept and all trashcans must be emptied, do not forget the restrooms. Place all trash in the dumpster behind Eckert Lodge.

7. When you leave the building set the thermostat at 50 degrees. Turn off all lights and close all doors.

8. A security deposit is due at the signing of your rental contract.

The security deposit will not be returned for the following reasons:

Cancellation of the rental occurs 30 days or less before rental date.

- Failure to clean up and put away tables and chairs.

-Damages occur during your rental. 

( Additional charges will be assessed if damages exceed the down payment)

We have read the building rules and agree to assume the terms of this contract and abide by the rules

 _____________________________                         ___________________

Renter (s) signature                                                  Date 

____________________________________              _________________

Rental Agent, RRLC                                               Date

This document/contract constitutes the entire agreement between the two parties. No modifications may be made, except by mutual written agreement.