• On Sept 9th, 1947 Richland county residence and farmers, including T.H Sheppard, Richard Wolford, Beatrice Boals, Florence Frank, Richard McFarlind, Rev. Floyd Eckert,and  Richard Gramly made plans to establish a rural camp. The location of the camp was established in Weller Township on an 80-acre tract of land on the Floyd Redding farm. The purpose of the camp was to be used for rural and city youth groups, including 4-H camp. Today the facility is 130 acres of land, mostly wooded with nature trails, campfire sites, several lodges, and 7 cabins.

  • The new organization was incorporated on Dec 3, 1947 as a non-profit organization for promoting educational, recreational, and character building activities. 

  • Richland Co. 4-H camp has been held at RRLC since 1950.

  • The Crestview Boy Scouts had used the facility for 20 years

  • Currently the Madison Boy scouts use the facilit

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